9 Lives of a Rig Mechanic


ISBN: 9781785100147 Author: Youngman,, Youngman, Mike Publisher: Feedaread.com Publication Date: 27th August 2014 Imprint: FeedARead.com Cover: Other, Paperback Pages: 230 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: ,

Just another Exciting Day. As a young man who has just been made redundant my future was bleak I make a rash decision that changes my life forever I start work on the Oil rigs after some years I end up travelling to Nigeria where I get taken Hostage and talk my way out of it 4 years later on my second trip to Nigeria I get involved in a fire fight at Kidney Island. Brazil brought more adventure where I am shot at by Bank robbers as I flea from the bank, my Brazilian assistant saves my life by dragging me away from a drive by shooting later at sea I get entangled with pirates and I survive an explosion on board a drill ship by seconds. Sometime later in China I cross paths with the Chinese Mafia (Triads) as I tried to save a young girl from Prostitution. I get involved with Terrorists in the Desert while they steal oil I escape and become a celebrity in Abu Dhabi for short while. My career was adventuress if nothing else my son followed my lead until he was killed a year later! Mike Youngman

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