Between Two Worlds


Author: Norek, Olivier Published 23/05/2024 | Hardback
242 x 165 x 31 | 520g

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‘The greatest exponent of the policier at work today’ Mark Sanderson, The TimesAdam Sirkis needs to flee Syria. A captain in Assad’s military police, he’s about to be exposed as a covert member of the Free Syrian Army, and he knows exactly what fate awaits him.

His first move is to send his wife and daughter to Libya, where they can find a boat heading for Europe. Adam himself winds up in France in the Calais Jungle, the infamous camp for migrants seeking passage to the fabled Youké.

Bastien Miller, a police lieutenant freshly transferred to the Calais police force, arrives at about the same time. His wife is drowning in grief for her late father and their teenage daughter may never forgive them for the move.

When Adam risks his life to protect a young migrant, the two officers make a deal – information on Adam’s family in exchange for intel from the Jungle. Then a body is found in the camp, and the deal becomes an alliance, uniting them in a common cause to do one good deed in a world where vice is a virtue.

Translated from the French by Nick Caistor

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