Bod’s Apple


Author: Cole, Michael, Cole, Joanne Published 29/07/2015 | Hardback
160 x 159 | 149g

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Bod has a bump on his head the size of an apple, and an apple at his feet the size of a bump.

When Bod’s friends see him waiting for his apple to come down, they wonder what he is doing – and they decide to wait with him. Bod was originally published in the 1960s and was adapted into a BBC television series that aired in 1975. The wit and serene charm of Bod have delighted children and adults alike ever since.

Parents will love sharing their favourite childhood character with the younger generation. Bod is the perfect read for children aged 4 and up.

Have you got all of Bod’s Adventures?Bod and BreakfastBod and the CakeBod and the Cherry TreeBod in the ParkBod on the BeachBod’s AppleBod’s DreamBod’s PresentHusband and wife Michael and Joanne Cole created numerous award-winning children’s TV programmes for the BBC, including Fingerbobs, Bod and Ragtime, which featured illustrations by Quentin Blake.

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