Tell a stranger that you talk to yourself, and you’re likely to get written off as eccentric. But the truth is that we all have a voice in our head. Our inner voice helps steer us towards our goals, avoid mistakes and reflect on happy moments. Yet just as quickly it can become our enemy, chewing over our mis-steps and replaying our daily embarrassments. Before we know it, our thoughts are being hijacked by constant, negative ‘chatter’. So how does this inner voice, so powerful and wise, turn into our biggest critic? And how can we take back control? In this book Ethan Kross reveals the sheer power of the inner voice, and shows the tools we can all use to harness it.

ISBN: 9781785041945 Author: Kross, Ethan Publisher: Vermilion Publication Date: 26th January 2021 Imprint: Vermilion Cover: Hardback Dewey: 158.1 (edition:23) Pages: 336 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: ,

‘This book is going to fundamentally change some of the most important conversations in your life-the ones you have with yourself.’ – Adam Grant, bestselling author of Give and Take

One of the best new books of January 2021 – BBC Science Focus Magazine, The Washington Post, CNN Underscored, Apple Books, Shape, Behavioral Scientist, Mindbodygreen, POPSUGAR * Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly starred reviews * Next Big Idea Club Finalist

Turn your inner voice from critic to coach

We all have a voice in our head. We tune into its endless chatter to look for guidance, ideas and wisdom. Except sometimes, this voice leads us down a rabbit hole of negative self-talk and endless rumination.

These silent conversations are so powerful they can sink our mood, trip us up and even impact our health. How can we take back control? This is the question award-winning psychologist Ethan Kross set out to answer twenty years ago when he began an audacious mission – to study the conversations we have with ourselves.

In Chatter, Kross interweaves cutting-edge science with real-world case studies to explain how these inner conversations shape our work and relationships. Then he reveals the tools you need to harness your own voice so that you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

Brilliantly argued and expertly researched, Chatter will explain how the conversations we have with ourselves shape our lives, and will give you the power to change them.

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