The Concise Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Function and


ISBN: 9781405340410 Author: ,, DK, Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd, Dorling Kindersley P Publication Date: 1st June 2009 Imprint: Dorling Kindersley Limited Cover: Paperback Dewey: 612 (edition:22) Pages: 320 Language: English Readership: College - higher education / Code: F Category: Subjects: , ,

Take a head-to-toe tour of the human body. Amazing 3D images reveal all your major systems in molecular detail. Discover how the nervous system works, the intricate construction of skeleton and muscles, and how your body protects itself when you are under threat.

Human biology is revealed with new precision and clarity in this handy, compact guide. Incredibly detailed 3-D digital images made with new medical imaging techniques show how the body works, system by system, including digestion, defence, bones and joints, muscles, and even cells and DNA.

Put yourself under the microscope and discover how every aspect of your body functions – including how your heart beats, how you breathe, and how your body defends itself. See body processes in action including a nerve impulse and blood surging through an artery. Examine in detail the intricate construction of your bones and muscles, and the tissues, organs, and systems that together make the body work. Journey inside and examine what can go wrong, as you explore the causes and symptoms of dozens of diseases and disorders.

This book is perfect for anyone curious to learn how the body works, but the quality of images and level of detail make this book an invaluable study resource for students of human biology, human anatomy, and human physiology.

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