How to be a Supertato : As seen on BBC CBeebies


Author: Supertato Published 20/06/2024 | Paperback / softback
250 x 251 x 4 | 174g

ISBN: 9781398530317 Category:

Join Supertato and his fruit and veggie friends in this fun and action-packed story book based on the popular BBC CBeebies series, Supertato.  It’s an exciting day in the supermarket! Superato is giving the Grape Kids an incredible tour of Tato Tower and teaching them everything there is to know about being a superhero. From super fitness to super gadgets and even super dancing!  But WATCH OUT! It looks like Evil Pea has come along for the tour too . . . Is this the end for Supertato?!  Look out for this other POTATO POWERED title: Where’s Supertato: A Search-and-Find Book

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