Carol Vorderman’s Maths Dictionary


ISBN: 9781405341370 Author: Vorderman, Carol Publisher: DK Children, Dorling Kindersley Ltd Publication Date: 1st June 2009 Imprint: DK Children Cover: Hardback Dewey: 510.3 (edition:22) Pages: 128 Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subjects: , ,

Does your child find maths tricky? Are they stuck on their square roots or puzzled by prime numbers? Help is at instant hand with Carol Vorderman’s essential maths explainer. The book is packed with hundreds of mathematical entries covering words, phrases, shapes, measurements, concepts, calculations and much more.

It all adds up in this brilliant visual dictionary.

The essential, explanatory guide to mathematics includes hundreds of illustrated entries and crystal-clear explanations by numbers whizz Carol Vorderman. ??

If you’re in a muddle over mass, vexed by volume, confused by conversions, or flummoxed by fractions, help is at hand. From abacus to zero, more than 400 entries feature words, phrases, shapes, measurements, concepts, calculations, and much, much more.

?For children working at Key Stages 1 and 2, and parents keen to show their support, this ultimate homework helper keeps maths simple and straightforward. Eye-catching images, useful diagrams, and colourful charts grab the attention and hold the interest throughout. Accessible explanations and bite-size content make it a perfect family reference.??

Whether you read the entire dictionary from A to Z, or dip in and out to get your homework done or prepare for an exam, Carol Vorderman’s Maths Dictionary will make you a maths mastermind in no time.

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