Strategic Advance: Change the Way You Bet on Horses Forever


ISBN: 9781906510497 Author: Whelan, Richard Publisher: Troubador Publishing Publication Date: 31st July 2008 Imprint: Matador Cover: Paperback Dewey: 798.401 (edition:22) Pages: 64 Language: English Readership: / Code: Category: Subjects: ,

Strategic Advance is an advice manual giving specific guidance and unambiguous advice on all aspects of horserace betting.

“Strategic Advance” is an exclusive manual which deals with the minefield of horserace betting. It produces a systematic method of approach and investment on horse races. It reveals in precise detail the kinds of horses to invest in, together with two proven strategies. Do you want to dig up diamonds or dirt? Do you want to win more than you lose? Written in a lively way which holds the reader’s interest from chapter to chapter, it’s a good read even for those not interested in horse racing. Placing emphasis on state of mind, preparation, discipline and patience, the author is talking about constructive investment rather than gambling, setting “Strategic Advance” apart from other books on horse racing and making it a must have for anyone with an interest in horse racing.

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