The Olive Readers


ISBN: 9781405054744 Author: Aziz, Christine Publisher: Pan Macmillan Publication Date: 7th October 2005 Imprint: Macmillan Cover: Hardback Pages: 339 Language: English Edition: Unabridged 0 Readership: General Adult / Code: R Category: Subject:

A young woman writes to us from a future we would all shiver to inhabit.

I cannot recall the exact moment when I decided to become a Reader. This is unusual for me, as I am always precise about beginnings . . .

Imagine a future without a past, a time without memory, a state in which nationality, ancestry, tradition, language, history have no place. Governing this world is a hyper-organised system of corporations, a network of companies, each responsible for a particular product, each with a workforce conditioned to one end. . . But somewhere, a clandestine group is operating to preserve the past . . .

In the Olive producing region of Olea, The Readers are smuggling and storing books in a secret library hidden away in the house of Jephzat and her family. When her sister disappears under suspicious circumstances, and her parents are hastily re-located by the Company, Jephzat is ordered to remain in the house, unaware of the organisation operating from its hidden room. Alone and facing the suspicion and hostility of the villagers, she falls in love with Homer, an olive picker she once rescued from the hands of Company Commissioners – and a long-time member of The Readers.

As Homer introduces her to the library, and her hunger for knowledge grows, so do her questions, and soon she finds herself heavily and dangerously involved not only in the recovery and preservation of books, but in a secret plan that is set to endanger Jephzat herself and her beloved family.

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