The rector’s daughter


ISBN: 9780860689119 Author: Mayor, F. M. Publisher: Virago Publication Date: 10th August 1987 Imprint: Virago Cover: Paperback Pages: 368 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , ,

*’Her work is certainly far too little known in relation to the greatness of her talent. But her masterpiece THE RECTOR’S DAUGHTER, is in print again’ SUSAN HILL*A wonderfully moving, harrowing but ultimately uplifting novel of love.

Dedmayne Rectory is quietly decaying, its striped chintz and darkened rooms are a bastion of outmoded Victorian values. Here Mary has spent thirty-five years, devoting herself to her sister, now dead, and to her father, Canon Jocelyn. Although she is pitied by her neighbours for this muted existence, Mary is content. But when she meets Robert Herbert, Mary’s ease is destroyed and years of suppressed emotion surface through her desire for him. First published in 1924 this novel is an impressive exploration of Mary’s relationship with her father, of her need for Robert and the way in which, through each, she comes to a clearer understanding of love.

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