The Summer Book Club


Author: Mallery, Susan Published 06/06/2024 | Paperback / softback
129 x 197 x 30 | 282g

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Escape into this brand new romance from the instant New York Times bestselling author.

Sometimes you have to find your own happy ending.

For Laurel, Paris and Cassie, this summer’s book club theme is simple. No. Sad. Books.

Single mum Laurel’s skepticism of men seems to be – worryingly – rubbing off on her daughters. Meanwhile, Cassie is determined to stop running away from risk, and Paris’ ex-husband’s sudden re-appearance brings up painful past mistakes. For these three friends happiness seems out of reach, and romance books provide the perfect antidote and a chance to avoid the difficult choices of reality.

When the Summer Book Club begins, it’s a place for all three women to share stories they love. But it soon becomes a chance to open up in ways none of them expected. Inspired by their favourite literary heroines, Laurel, Cassie and Paris begin to take chances in life and love. They soon find that facing an unwritten chapter can be as terrifying as it is exhilarating. If only they can find the courage to change…

Praise for Susan Mallery

‘The perfect feel-good read.’ Sarah Morgan

‘Heartwarming romance and cute dogs – loved it!’ Bella Osborne

‘Heartwarming and hilarious.’ Rebecca Raisin

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