Without Fail: (Jack Reacher 6)


ISBN: 9780857500090 Author: Child, Lee Publisher: Bantam Books, Transworld Publishers Ltd Publication Date: 6th January 2011 Imprint: Bantam Press Cover: Paperback Dewey: 823.92 (edition:22) Pages: 555 Language: English Edition: Reprint Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , ,

In ‘Without Fail’, the Secret Service, the organisation that protects the presidency, enlists the help of Jack Reacher. This is another well-plotted, violent, romantic, nailbiting thriller from Lee Child.

‘Lee Child’s protagonist, Jack Reacher, is a hero in the Dirty Harry style, a man who lives by his own principles . . . Produces a surprising twist when it’s least expected.’ Sunday Telegraph

Jack Reacher walks alone.

No job, no ID, no last known address. But he never turns down a plea for help. Now a woman tracks him down. A woman serving at the very heart of US power. A woman who needs Reacher’s assistance in her new job.

Her job?

Protecting the Vice-President of the United States.

Her problem?

Someone wants the VP dead.

Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, Without Fail is the 6th in the series.