1-100 Dot-to-Dots


Author: Harpster, Steve Published 01/08/2003 | Paperback / softback
253 x 202 x 4 | 172g

ISBN: 9781402707148 Category:

Learning to count, refining fine motor skills, and having a blast: thats what children will be doing when they complete these fun dot-to-dots. Each cute picture has 100 dots to connect, and youngsters will surely count along as they move the pencil from one number to the next. Nothings tricky, because the dots follow one another in a nice, smooth, logical progression, not zig-zagging too much to throw kids off course. With delightful images such as a smiling seal, wild-haired boy, and beanie-clad dog, this will become a favorite with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.

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