1001 Really Ridiculously Silly Jokes


Author: Gifford, Clive Published 12/07/2018 | Paperback / softback
197 x 137 x 19 | 230g

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Know any good jokes? Here are 1001 (yes, one thousand and one!) awesome ones for the whole family to enjoy!Why did the empty sandwich go to the dentist?IT NEEDED A FILLING.

What do you call a 20,000-year-old joke?PRE-HYSTERICAL.

With jokes galore, puns, one-liners, visual gags, play on words and hilarious illustrations. Divided into sections such as ‘Hilarious Holidays’, ‘Teacher Titters’ and ‘Football Funnies’, this book will never get old and will have your friends and whole family laughing. A hilarious bumper book that will captivate any child and spark an interest in reading – created by the bestselling author of Teenage Kicks and Eye Benders, and winner of the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.

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