15-minute Art Painting : Learn to Paint in 6 Steps or Less


Author: Podbury, Hannah Published 14/04/2022 | Paperback / softback
216 x 170 x 30 | 784g

ISBN: 9781784884994 Category:

How do you find time in your busy day to get creative? Why, with 15-minute Art Painting, of course! Explore the pure joy of paint with fifty 15-minute projects inspired by nature. From leaves and houseplants to flowers and fungi, 15-minute Art Painting encourages you to explore painting in a relaxing, free and fun way. Each project can be completed in no more than six steps and will include practice pages, colour swatches and helpful hints to make light work of the artwork. Although Hannah will provide a brief introduction on how to sketch out your paintings, the book will also contain traceable templates, so you can fully focus on the process and pure joy of painting.

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