A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk Mystery, Book 2) : Murder and intrigue stalk the pages of this gripping mystery


Author: Perry, Anne Published 06/10/1994 | Paperback / softback
178 x 112 x 31 | 320g

ISBN: 9780747245261 Category:

No breath of scandal has ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family. London’s wealthiest and most influential can often be found taking tea or dining in the opulent family mansion of Sir Basil Moidore in Queen Anne Street. Now Sir Basil’s beautiful widowed daughter has been stabbed to death in her own bed, a shocking and incomprehensible tragedy. Inspector William Monk is ordered to find her killer without delay – and in a manner that will give least pain to her family. Handicapped by his inept supervisor and the lingering traces of amnesia, Monk gropes warily through the silence and shadows that obscure the case. But with the intelligent help of Hester Latterly, he begins to approach the astonishing solution, step by dangerous step.

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