A Grave in the Woods


Author: Walker, Martin Published 20/06/2024 | Hardback
243 x 165 x 31 | 546g

ISBN: 9781529428285 Category:

In his latest adventure Bruno, France’s favourite country cop, investigates a long-buried war crime and faces a devastating flood that threatens the town he polices and the people he loves.

‘FRENCH TOURISM SHOULD RAISE A GLASS TO WALKER’S DORDOGNE MYSTERIES’ Daily MailThe long arm of history reaches into the present in Bruno’s latest case when three sets of bones are discovered, buried deep in the woods outside the Dordogne town of St Denis. It appears that the remains have lain there since World War 2. Bruno must investigate who the bones belong to and whether their burial amounts to a war crime.

Bruno has other concerns too. After weeks of heavy autumn rain, the normally tranquil Dordogne river has risen to record levels, compromising the upriver dams that control the Vezere that flows through St Denis, bringing the threat of a devastating flood. As ever, Bruno must rely on his wits, tenacity and people skills to ensure that past wrongs don’t result in present violence, and to keep his little town and its inhabitants safe from harm.

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