A-Z of Blackpool : Places-People-History


Author: Wood, Allan W., Bottomley, Chris Published 15/05/2018 | Paperback / softback
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Blackpool was ‘created’ from sparsely populated farmland and villages for the purpose of visitors having fun and pleasure. The development of the town over the last 170 years or so has led to a diverse modern history, which could be said to reflect, in a greater sense, the history of entertainment in the UK. However, while the town’s most instantly recognisable attractions are well established, the town continuously seeks to adapt to secure its place as the UK’s number one tourist destination.

From its most famous attraction and landmark, the Tower, the home of the world-famous Tower Ballroom, to the Matthews final of 1953, local authors Allan W. Wood and Chris Bottomley take the reader on an alphabetical journey visiting Blackpool’s most interesting places and meeting some of its most famous residents and visitors. This fully illustrated A-Z guide of Blackpool will appeal to locals and visitors alike.

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