Ava Goes Green : MASC to the Eco-Beat 1 (Music, Art, Stories, Create)


Author: Linklater, Rona D. Published 28/01/2024 | Paperback / softback
209 x 296 x 12 | 332g

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There is no more powerful message in the twenty-first century than climate change. There is no more powerful vehicle for communicating and delivering such a message to children than the performing/creative arts.

Ava Goes Green, a unique fusion of fiction and non-fiction, delivers issues surrounding plastic pollution told through the eyes of children, animals and birds, via an integration of music, art, stories and differentiated creative tasks. The unique short stories will captivate and allow them to relate to the characters/creatures explaining about the dangers they face every day from human pollution. The stunning illustrations by Stu McLellan create a magical world which will stimulate children’s imagination. And the novel songs create a fun reinforcement of the learning through interaction and inclusive participation. Creative music, art, dance and drama tasks suggest how all children of all abilities can contribute and empathize with the animals and birds endangered by pollution: activities to stimulate imagination, social interaction, confidence and wellbeing. The attitudes and actions of our children towards the world they are inheriting are crucial if we are to make a difference and maintain our ecosystem. So… Inspire—Create—Enjoy!

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