Badger’s Bath


Author: Butterworth, Nick Published 06/06/2024 | Paperback / softback
255 x 255 x 3 | 166g

ISBN: 9780008642112 Category:

A funny Percy the Park Keeper story from highly regarded, award-winning author and illustrator Nick Butterworth, creator of One Snowy Night.

The badger has been doing what badgers do best. Digging. He’s had a lovely day and, as usual when he’s had a lovely day, he is filthy dirty.

Percy the park keeper loves to help his animal friends, so when he sees how dirty the badger is, he prepares a special bath with warm soapy water. But just as it’s ready, the badger is nowhere to be seen…

Percy and his animal friends have delighted readers around the world for over thirty years!

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