Barbara Throws a Wobbler


Author: Shireen, Nadia Published 15/04/2021 | Paperback / softback
232 x 286 x 9 | 188g

ISBN: 9781780081366 Category:

Barbara is in a very bad mood. She won’t admit it, but she is. She has a problem with a sock, and at lunchtime there’s a strange pea… And even though she’s at the park with her friends, it all just gets a bit much. Suddenly Barbara’s WOBBLER is out of control! But what if Barbara and her Wobbler can work together, so she can be cheerful again?Winner of the UKLA Award and shortlisted for the Oscar’s Book Prize and the FCBG Children’s Book Award, Barbara Throws A Wobbler is a brilliantly funny and sensitive way to understand and deal with tantrums.

‘These are the most brilliant, beautiful and silly picture-books out there at the moment. Little doorways of joy.’ Caitlin Moran’This book is AMAZING. It will be a modern classic!’ – Richard Osman

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