Big Bad Dragon Club


Author: Beach Published 28/03/2024 | Paperback / softback
260 x 261 x 5 | 190g

ISBN: 9781398518407 Category:

From the superstar creator of The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom comes a hilarious new story about three wicked dragons who are absolutely determined to be bad.  We’re the Bad Dragon Club and we’re bad as can be.   We’re rascals and rogues and wrong’uns all three.   We’re so full of bad, any badder and we’d burst.   We’re the Bad Dragon Club and we’re here to do our worst.  Scorch, Grub and Fang think they are a rather fearsome gang. But when their attempts to cause mayhem somehow keep misfiring and actually HELP people, will these three bad dragons . . . turn good?   Look out for other, hilarious books by Beach:The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom The Knight with the Blazing Bottom  The Princess with the Blazing Bottom

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