Bill and the Dream Angel


Author: Riley, Lucinda, Whittaker, Harry Published 12/05/2022 | Hardback
219 x 268 x 12 | 448g

ISBN: 9781529051193 Category:

A reassuring story about moving house and overcoming fears, Bill and the Dream Angel is the second picture book from the beloved author of the Seven Sisters series Lucinda Riley, written with her son Harry Whittaker and illustrated by the award-winning Jane Ray.

A beautiful gift-edition hardback, complete with an angel ribbon marker.

Because somewhere, an angel is listening . . .

Bill and his family have just moved house. But, even though Bill’s room is much bigger than before, and he has a garden to play in, Bill misses his old, familiar home. This new house makes mysterious noises, especially at night. Fortunately Destiny, the Dream Angel, is on hand to help Bill. With Destiny’s help, Bill will learn that what may seem scary at first can result in the most magical of discoveries . . .

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