Bird’s Opening : Detailed Coverage of an Underrated and Dynamic Choice for White


Author: Taylor, Timothy Published 05/12/2005 | Paperback / softback
230 x 154 x 13 | 338g

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Bird’s Opening is an underrated and dynamic choice for White that immediately directs the game into relatively unexplored territory, setting Black players early problems and forcing them to think for themselves rather than having the luxury of relying on the theory of more mainstream openings. It’s also a very flexible option that can lead to both sharp gambit play, such as the notorious From’s Gambit, as well as quieter positional lines. In this book International Master Timothy Taylor unearths the secrets of Bird’s Opening and its many deviations. Using illustrative games, he examines tactical and positional ideas for both colours and recommends the best paths in both the ‘main lines’ and the lesser-trodden paths. A study of this book will give readers the required knowledge and confidence to play the Bird’s Opening with either color.

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