Britannica’s Encyclopedia Infographica : 1,000s of Facts & Figures-about Earth, space, animals, the body, technology & more-Revealed in Pictures


Author: D’Efilippo, Valentina Published 21/09/2023 | Hardback
285 x 216 x 30 | 1534g

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This authoritative encyclopedia is perfect for visual learners: it reveals astonishing information about space, Earth, animals, humans and technology through 200 infographics, including maps, charts, timelines and more! Grasp facts at a glance as you turn every page: discover the size of our Sun in comparison to the largest star in the universe; find out which animal can leap 200 times its body length; learn how many cups of snot your body makes a day; compare the sizes of the biggest beasts that have ever lived; witness what happens in a single second across the world. With stunning infographics by internationally renowned data designer Valentina D’Efilippo, along with beautiful colour photography, as well as interviews with leading expert consultants for every chapter, this ravishing book from Britannica offers an exhilarating visual way to understand the world around us.

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