Bust? : Saving the Economy, Democracy and Our Sanity


Author: Peston, Robert Published 26/10/2023 | Hardback
162 x 242 x 31 | 492g

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‘A brilliantly candid, timely and perceptive account.’ Andy Haldane’Asks all the right questions.’ Mark CarneyHas the West gone bust? Or is there another way?In their new book, Robert Peston and Kishan Koria explain how the country is almost bust – economically, politically and socially. The economy is flatlining, society is fracturing, parliament is unfit for purpose, and the state is failing.

They’ve got the shocking stories to prove it. But this is no counsel of despair. It’s a call to action. We can fix ourselves – by harnessing artificial intelligence, remaking our important institutions, and recognizing that we can and must learn from the rest of the world.

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