Captain Tom’s Life Lessons


Author: Moore, Captain Tom Published 02/04/2021 | Hardback
135 x 186 x 16 | 198g

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Start your year with the uplifting and heartwarming life lessons from a truly inspirational man, Captain Sir Tom Moore’Full of the infectious energy that inspired the nation’ Daily Mirror’A dose of wisdom from a British hero . . . A paean to the power of positive thinking’ Daily Telegraph’One small soul like me won’t make much difference’ Captain TomIf Captain Tom’s big heart and generosity of spirit helped see us through difficult days, this was his parting gift.

In Life Lessons, Captain Tom has shared all that he learned from living a full and vibrant life. With cherished anecdotes and his signature humour, these heartening life stories will teach you how to:· Be comfortable with who you are· Keep smiling through the tough times· Walk in someone else’s shoes· Keep an open mind· Find your purposeFull of the wit, warmth and wisdom that made him so special, his reflections and guiding principles form a long life, well lived; Life Lessons will be a source of reassurance, hope, and encouragement for generations to come.

And a reminder, whenever times are hard, that tomorrow will be a good day.

Praise for Captain Sir Tom Moore:’A wonderful life story with lessons for us all . . . beautifully written’ Daily Telegraph’Engaging . . . His upbeat nature shines through and reminds us how much worse this year would have been without him’ Evening Standard’A great book’ Good Morning Britain’A beautiful book. We have so much to learn from Captain Sir Tom’ Chris Evans

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