Christopher Pumpkin


Author: Hendra, Sue Published 05/09/2019 | Paperback / softback
259 x 259 x 4 | 184g

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Meet Christopher Pumpkin – the Halloween pumpkin who doesn’t want to be scary! A funny rhyming story from the authors of Supertato and the creators of Simon Sock.

Christopher Pumpkin is delighted to be magicked to life by a witch – until he discovers she wants him and the other pumpkins to get her creepy castle ready for the spookiest party ever! Chris just can’t bring himself to hang cobwebs and cook curried slugs – he’s much more into bunting and fairy cakes!A delightful story about blazing your own trail, perfect for reading aloud!Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet’s hilarious books have sold over 1 million copies!

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