Cloudspotting For Beginners


Author: Pretor-Pinney, Gavin Published 04/07/2024 | Hardback
273 x 213 x 18 | 664g

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An introduction to the wondrous world of clouds, by the internationally bestselling founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and a prize-winning children’s book author and illustratorHave you ever watched a cloud being born?Clouds come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from low-lying Stratus to high-flying Cirrus via roll clouds, banner clouds and tornados. This beautifully illustrated guide reveals the facts, secrets and stories of all the major cloud types, and how they shape the weather around them. We learn their fancy Latin names, explore the parts of the sky where they like to hang out, marvel at the ways they play with sunlight – and even visit them on other planets, where they are sometimes made of acid.

Cloudspotting for Beginners will inspire curious minds with a lifelong sense of meteorological wonder.

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