Come Rain or Shine : the BRAND NEW completely heartwarming, romantic read from Sarah Bennett for 2024


Author: Sarah Bennett Published 06/03/2024 | Paperback / softback
127 x 199 x 21 | 222g

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‘Warm, joyful and utterly gorgeous – I loved it!’ Celia AndersonThere are worse fates than growing up knowing that you will one day inherit a vast and magnificent Cotswolds country estate, but for Rhys Travers it has always felt like a huge responsibility.

Juniper Meadows is home to much of his extended family, not to mention the many local businesses that operate on the estate, so there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the view. Juniper Meadows is a full-time job, and that doesn’t leave much time for romance…Tasha Blake’s career leaves no time for romance either – much to her mother’s chagrin. Tasha’s sister Danni has kindly provided two grandchildren, but Victoria Blake is keen for more! When her job takes her to Juniper Meadows for an extended project, the slower pace of life, the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the Travers family, soon has Tasha in its thrall, and the future Lord of the Manor Rhys Travers is rather easy on the eye too.

As the busyness of life on the estate sweeps Tasha and Rhys along, they are both able to ignore the secrets and silences that are growing between them. But when the future of Juniper Meadows hangs in the balance, loyalties and love are tested to breaking point. When the chips are down, can Rhys and Tasha see a future together, come rain or shine…Sarah Bennett is back with her signature blend of warmth and joy, plot and pace. A Sarah Bennett book is a ray of sunshine and a huge hug, guaranteed to brighten any day, perfect for all fans of Cathy Bramley, Katie Fforde and Phillipa Ashley.

Praise for the Juniper Meadows series:’Juniper Meadows is one of my favourite places to visit and revisit. Life there continues to be complex and enthralling. The sparkling cast of characters and stunning setting make this a fast-paced, deeply romantic adventure for Tasha, as she braves the fascinating minefield of family dynamics and relationships. Warm, joyful and utterly gorgeous – I loved it! Celia Anderson’A perfect read to cosy up with at this time of year. Complex family relationships are explored with love and sensitivity and in a way that keeps you turning the pages. Full of friends and family and the meaning of love in all its different forms’ Katie Ginger‘I inhaled this book in two days. Absolutely gorgeous. Sarah Bennett is back, and better than ever!’ Rachel Burton’A perfect heartwarming read full of family, romance and intrigue, set in a stunning location – what’s not to love?’ Bella Osborne’In From The Cold’ is a cleverly woven tale of family in all its many meanings; emotional, heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting, I can’t wait to see where Sarah Bennett takes us next.’ Alexandra Walsh’In From the Cold is a joyful, intriguing story of intertwining relationships whose ripples spread throughout a community… Moving, witty and atmospheric, the story bowls along at a cracking pace, delivering a generous supply of romance along with the gin. I loved it! More, please.’ Celia AndersonReaders love Sarah Bennett:‘Absolutely loved this book from start to finish the storyline covered everything I didn’t want it to finish, I do hope there is going to be a third instalment’‘I think this could well be some of Sarah Bennett’s best writing to date. She has a captivating way with words, and also gets some lovely humour in there too. What Sarah Bennett excels at, is creating settings. From her previous books, Lavender Bay and Mermaids Point, are both settings that have stuck in my heart. Juniper Meadows has now joined them. It’s just so damn lovely, and quite honestly, I want to go there and never leave!’

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