David Bowie Rainbowman : 1967-1980


Author: Soligny, Jerome Published 05/09/2023 | Hardback
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*A Times Best Music Book of 2023 – ‘For Bowie nuts this is research-heavy heaven’*'[Soligny] has talked to just about anyone who had anything to do with Bowie’s music… Reading [their memories and comments] you can almost believe you’re in the studio with Bowie as he tries out new ideas, fades out one sound to boost another or comes up with another of those astonishing chord changes…There are now almost as many Bowie books as there are Bob Dylan books but Rainbowman outclasses them all. Beautifully translated, [it] brings you closer to the great man than any conventional biography… Quite simply the best book there is on David Bowie.’-MAIL ON SUNDAY’This is a book unlike any other, the definitive analysis of David’s music, told in a quiet natural way, but with absolute authenticity, by the people around him.’ – HERMIONE FARTHINGALE’Jérôme Soligny is one of the best authorities in the world on David Bowie’s career and life in general… His new biography Rainbowman is a thorough and honest account of the great man.’ – TONY VISCONTI’Jérôme is a guy who is still aware that popular music is an art form and not a money suppository. He writes from the heart and is one of the last exemplars of a dying breed. The critic, armed with intelligence and brute compulsive honesty, as dangerous as a river.’ – IGGY POP’Not long ago, Jérôme told me something that I find very true: ‘David played saxophone, guitar, a bit of keyboards, but above all, he played musicians!’ I think he really hit the nail on the head.’ – MIKE GARSON’If you love David Bowie – and most right thinking people do – you will really love Rainbowman. It’s an absolutely biblical text. Part oral history, part essay… Jérôme seems to have spoken to just about everybody.’ – STUART MACONIE, BBC Radio 6 Music’Jérôme Soligny gets new insights through the voices of those who were there, , including Bowie’s 1960s girlfriend Hermione Farthingale, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Tony Visconti and many more’ – Sunday TimesIn David Bowie Rainbowman, Jérôme Soligny tells the story of David Bowie the musician with the help of those intimately involved with the creation of his music.

This uniquely exhaustive work on Bowie’s 1967-1980 albums draws on over 150 interviews with the musicians, producers and friends who knew Bowie best, including Robert Fripp, Hermione Farthingale, Lou Reed, George Underwood, Mick Ronson, Carlos Alomar, Trevor Bolder, Mike Garson, Woody Woodmansey and many, many others. With an essay by Soligny on each album followed by oral histories from the most trusted and influential figures in Bowie’s musical life, David Bowie Rainbowman is the definitive guide to a singular and mercurial genius – the Rainbowman himself.


With a foreword by Tony Visconti, an introduction by Mike Garson and cover photo by Mick Rock·

A beautiful and stylish gift for Bowie fans, over 700 pages long, filled with iconic photographs and with striking cover design by Barnbrook

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