Diary of a Big Bad Wolf : Your favourite fairytales from a hilarious new point of view!


Author: Miller, Ben Published 14/03/2024 | Hardback
203 x 140 x 24 | 316g

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Your favourite fairytales from a BIG, BAD point of view! The instant bestseller from Ben Miller – out now!  The big, bad wolf hasn’t had a great winter. He’s cold, lonely and hungry . . . But things are about to change – he’s going to take the Fairytale Woods by STORM.

But while he knows he’s BIG and BAD, no one else seems to be scared of him, they just keep meddling with his plans – the troll under the bridge, the three annoying pigs, and that pesky Little Red Riding Hood! This is going to take all his brain power and his most cunning smile, to catch Grandma and reclaim his place at the top of the food chain! Turn the page, share the adventure in a hilarious and magical story for all the family, illustrated by Elisa Paganelli.


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