Ditching the Ugly Suit : Living Life as Someone Else


Author: Christiano, Ed Published 15/10/2021 | Paperback / softback
203 x 133 | 0g

ISBN: 9781739978402 Category:

A successful entrepreneur stumbles into a technology that allows people to choose new faces and bodies to swap for their own.

He gets involved with all kinds, from those preferring to shed their droopy eyes or crooked noses to those struggling with their weight. Some want to escape disease in younger more attractive bodies, while others want to ditch their criminal identities to evade justice. The service is also popular with the famous, who opt for temporary changes when they need a break from the paparazzi or public.

The entrepreneur soon discovers that moving souls from one body to another confounds their personal relationships and blurs the boundaries between loyalty and deception. Despite having no intention of using the service himself, he gets tangled up in the technology’s tentacles when the state intervenes, taking him down life-threatening paths he never expected.

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