Dogger : the much-loved children’s classic


Author: Hughes, Shirley Published 05/02/2009 | Paperback / softback
280 x 215 x 3 | 192g

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Everywhere Dave goes, his favourite toy, Dogger, is ALWAYS with him.

So, when Dogger goes missing, Dave is devastated. Luckily, Dogger turns up at the school summer fair, but when he ends up at the toy stall, Dave must find a way to buy his best friend back.

With a heart warming message and delightful illustrations, Dogger has delighted children for generations. This gentle bedtime story is perfect for young readers.

‘For a blast of pure nostalgia, look no further than Dogger. This timeless classic tells the tale of the love a little boy, Dave, has for his teddy. The illustrations are wonderfully warm, and the language and turn of phrase is like a big hug in story form’ – The Evening StandardLoved Dogger? Discover: Lucy and Tom at the SeasideLucy and Tom at SchoolAlfie Gives a HandThe Lion and the Unicorn

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