Don’t Disturb the Dragon : from the author of the Ten Minutes to Bed series


Author: Findlay, Rhiannon, Roberts, Sian Published 22/06/2023 | Paperback / softback
249 x 250 x 7 | 192g

ISBN: 9780241562314 Category:

Discover this read-aloud adventure with a soothing, wind-down-to-bedtime ending. Somewhere near, a huge beast lies,with giant claws and great big eyes . . .

DO NOT DISTURB THE DRAGON!Tiptoe over, under, round and through the book, just . . . don’t disturb the DRAGON!Discover a brand new bedtime story from the bestselling author of the Ten Minutes To Bed series. With immersive and colourful illustrations on every page, join our heroes on their fairytale adventure.

Perfect for toddlers, this rhyming adventure is perfect for banishing bedtime blues.

Readers say: ‘Helps my very active toddler to wind down before bed!”There is lovely repetition that your little ones will love to say over and over.’

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