Don’t Wake Mum! : The riotous, rhyming picture book to celebrate mums everywhere!


Author: Wells, Eden, Davey, Sharon Published 02/02/2023 | Paperback / softback
251 x 250 x 9 | 176g

ISBN: 9780241560600 Category:

A funny, rhyming picture book to celebrate Mother’s Day!Ssshhhh! Don’t wake Mum!Mum needs some well-earned rest before her first day at her new job as a firefighter! While she’s snoozing peacefully, her little bunnies decide to make her a breakfast of champions – a huge stack of pancakes!But as the sweet smell of syrup spreads through the forest, other uninvited woodland creatures begin to stir! Can the bunnies fend off their breakfast-craving neighbours or will the chaos wake up mum?This rhyming, riotous picture book is perfect for sharing together and ends with a heart-warming celebration of mums and all the amazing things they do!

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