Driving Over Lemons : An Optimist in Andalucia – Special Anniversary Edition (with new chapter 25 years on)


Author: Stewart, Chris Published 09/07/2020 |
129 x 197 x 27 | 304g

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Meet Chris Stewart, the eternal optimist. A man who flies to Spain, sees a peasant farm on the wrong side of the river and, with scarcely a second thought, hands over a cash deposit. And then finds he has acquired not just the farm, but the farmer, too, who has no intention of leaving. Not to mention the lack of running water, electricity or even a bridge.

It would be enough to send most people straight back home. But Chris and his wife Ana are made of stronger stuff – and besides, they have sunk all their savings into their farm, El Valero, and buying a flock of sheep. So there is no turning back. Life gets tough, but it also gets good.

Driving Over Lemons is that rare thing – a funny, insightful book that charms you from the first sun-lit page to the last. And one that makes

running an Andalucian mountain farm seem like a half-decent career move. It has been a major bestseller both in Britain and Spain.

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