Eject! Eject! : Escaping disaster in the skies and surviving what comes next


Author: Nichol, John Published 23/05/2024 | Paperback / softback
130 x 199 x 36 | 396g

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‘Catapults you into the heart of the most epic experiences of ejection, escape and survival’ Andy McNab Since the invention of the ejection seat in the 1940s, tens of thousands of lives have been saved – including John Nichol’s. Now, Nichol tells the incredible story of the ejection seat in war and in peace – and of the men and women who were given a second chance at life after facing disaster.  Escaping is just the first step to making it home alive, so we hear of thrilling rescues from enemy territory, of capture in North Vietnam, of surviving high-speed mid-air collisions, how ejection can lead to extraordinary tales of discovery and redemption.

Packed with gripping action and cutting-edge science, Eject! Eject! is fuelled by dramatic, deeply moving and previously unheard first-hand accounts.

Because pulling the yellow-and-black ejection handle is just the start of the story.


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