Face the Music : My Story


Author: Boe, Alfie Published 07/09/2023 |
239 x 162 x 23 | 446g

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The Sunday Times bestsellerThe intimate and uplifting memoir from one of Britain’s most loved singers – this is Alfie, off stage.

Bringing his characteristic sense of cheeky humour to the page, in this heartfelt book Alfie describes for the first time the highs and lows of over a decade singing and performing across the world. From personal dinners with Queen Elizabeth II and following in the steps of King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis in Vegas to mischievous antics with Michael Ball, Alfie’s book takes us backstage to witness his brilliant career memories.

But this book is also a heartfelt insight to Alfie’s unmasked truth for the first time ever. His unflinching honesty reveals not only the success stories, but also the pressures and how, through challenging times, he learned more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Laying bare the events that have shaped Alfie into the performer he is today, Face the Music demonstrates to us all that it’s not our mistakes that define us – but instead, how we choose to come back from them.

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