Fight the Good Fight : How an Alliance of Faith and Reason Can Win the Culture War


Author: Richards, Jay W. Published 13/02/2024 | Hardback
229 x 152 | 499g

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Hard choices lie ahead, Christians. The bestselling team of James Robison and Jay Richards show what’s at stake in our post-Christian society, how to prepare, and why we must never forget that the battle, above all, is spiritual.

Our rulers have kicked aside our Constitution and common sense. They have demonized our heroes. Now they’re trying to erase the difference between male and female. All while running up unimaginable and catastrophic debt.

What’s left for Christians in such a society, where dissent invites ruinous retribution? Should they retreat? Fight back? Something else?

God is not finished with us as a nation, but if we’re going to get off the road to ruin, we must do more than slow down and conserve whatever good remains: We must repent. That means a hard, 180-degree turnand fast.

If we’ll pray, think straight, persuade other lovers of truth to join us, and fight togetherwise as serpents and innocent as dovesthen there’s still hope.

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