First of the Summer Wine : George Hirst, Schofield Haigh, Wilfred Rhodes and the Gentle Heart of Yorkshire Cricket


Author: Pearson, Harry Published 13/04/2023 | Paperback / softback
130 x 198 x 24 | 246g

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SHORTLISTED FOR THE MCC / CRICKET SOCIETY BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD  George Hirst, Schofield Haigh and Wilfred Rhodes were known as The Triumvirate. Inseparable pals off the field and a devastating combination on it, the trio helped turn Yorkshire into the greatest county cricket team of the early 20th century.  George Herbert Hirst was one of the most popular sportsmen of his era, his brilliance with bat and ball matched by the warmth of his personality. Schof was the greatest wet wicket bowler of his time, his flow of cheery wisecracks masking insecurities about his form and fitness. Wilfred was quiet and watchful, his analytical brain marking him out as the Sherlock Holmes of the summer game. Together they left a legacy of great deeds, good humour and decency: gentle men from a gentler time.   

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