Foots, Lonks and Wet Nellies : Lancashire’s Food and Drink


Author: Kay, Emma Published 15/02/2022 | Paperback / softback
166 x 233 x 13 | 286g

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Readers may be surprised to learn the real origins of Lancashire hotpot and discover that some of those all-time-favourites like Jelly Babies, Vimto, and Fox’s biscuits all have their roots in the county. While Eccles and Chorley cakes are well-known Lancashire staples, gingerbread production and simnel cakes are also at the heart of the county’s baking heritage. Together with big names such as Richmond sausages and Hartley’s jam, there is a surprise for everyone in this book, revealing the identities of numerous best-loved British culinary classics based in Lancashire.

Author Emma Kay looks at the regional fare and dishes that have characterised Lancashire over the years, picking out the many interesting stories that contribute to this county’s food and drink narrative. Alongside its traditional food festivals and products, the county boasts diverse food and drink markets and well-known producers and cooks. Foots, Lonks and Wet Nellies will appeal to all those who are interested in the history of Lancashire and its food and drink legacy.

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