Garden Style : A Book of Ideas


Author: Howcroft, Heidi, Majerus, Marianne Published 04/05/2023 | Hardback
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***’A beautifully curated sourcebook of garden styles, with stunning images of gardens around the world from an internationally acclaimed photographer … Whether purchased as an indulgent coffee-table book or an inspirational sourcebook, Garden Style could be equally useful to designers, landscapers and architects as a mood board to illustrate styles and help clients visualise their thoughts. I recommend reading this book several times: once for the pure indulgence of the glorious photography, again to absorb the description of each style, and yet to enjoy the inspirational ideas.’ Gardens Illustrated’This handsome tome covers dozens of garden styles with advice on how to achieve the look. Some are familiar; others, like ‘New Country’ or ‘Finca Style’, will be new to many. Magnificently photographed, it shows just how many ways there are to design a garden.’ Constance Craig Smith, Daily Mail’With such a huge range of material, it far outweighs anything you’d get online. Plus, like all good books, it’s wrapped up in a lovely package that’s eminently dip-in-and-out-able. The curation of the content is on trend, consistent and inspiring … Whether you’re a lover of gardens, a style-hungry consumer or a professional designer, the book is full of inspiration. The numerous photos, great breadth of gardens and succinct writing all contribute to letting us work out what we like – and to finding our own garden style.’ RHS The Garden’Total immersion in the dreamy look-book Garden Style will help anyone wanting to find, or re-invent their garden’s design. Comprehensive, wide-ranging, nuanced and detailed: every one of the 640 sumptuous photos in this large and exquisite catalogue pitches a different design: from formal to loose, plant-filled to architectural, pint-sized to productive. A colourful distillation to drink in during the winter months.’ Helen Griffin, The RHS, Top 10 Gardening Books of 2023Gardens have never been as important as they are today. The breadth of styles and types is hugely varied. Everything goes, whether inspired by the past or looking towards the future, from traditional vegetable plots to vertical gardens and from nature-filled designs to sleek, modernist creations. Choosing what suits your space can be a daunting prospect and everyone, even the professionals, needs help to realize opportunities and create outdoor spaces in tune with their personal needs and dreams. A garden is what we make it: there is no right or wrong way and each is unique.

Richly illustrated by the photos of award-winning photographer Marianne Majerus and with illuminating text by landscape architect Heidi Howcroft, this book shows what is possible for every type of garden, from challenging small spaces to expansive plots. Design tools are explained, planting styles explored, and inspiration is drawn from a wide variety of locations and climates to appeal to garden owners and designers everywhere.

The book is not only a companion to Garden Design: A Book of Ideas but is also a valuable style catalogue and sourcebook in its own right, encouraging and inspiring readers to discover their own garden style – be it contemporary or traditional, cottage-style or urban minimalist.

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