Geoffrey Gets the Jitters


Author: Shireen, Nadia Published 03/08/2023 | Paperback / softback
285 x 232 x 4 | 190g

ISBN: 9780241623688 Category:

From the creator of Barbara Throws a Wobbler – the ultimate story to chase (and laugh) your worries away ‘A wise and comical look at anxiety and how to banish it … With funny pictures and a guide to different kinds of worries, this is soothing for all ages’ – The TimesGeoffrey’s got the jitters! It started last night when he was thinking about school – a funny, wiggly feeling in his tummy that grew and grew. But when Geoffrey’s tummy jitters started talking to him – that’s when he knew they were out of control. Geoffrey had to do something…

Through a laugh-out-loud story and loveable character, Nadia Shireen shows how to understand and dispel anxieties, one jitter at a time.

Selected as one of The Sunday Times Best Children’s Book of the Year.

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