Ghost Rescue


Author: McLachlan, Jenny, Dominique, Chloe Published 03/08/2023 | Paperback / softback
198 x 129 x 27 | 294g

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An epic and exciting adventure for readers 8+ by the author of the bestselling Land of Roar series. Perfect for fans of BBC’s Ghosts!

Sid Jones has always known she is different,but after accidentally freeing a 300-year-oldpirate ghost (using a gel pen and a chocolate bar),Sid realises that she has actual MAGIC!

Sid starts to use her magic to free more ghosts,who have all been trapped by the sinister innkeeper.

But then a mysterious sickness strikes the peopleof Fathom. Can Sid and best friend Zen solve themystery, save the town and free the ghosts?

A truly epic conclusion to this dynamite duology from the bestselling author of the Land of Roar series

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