Glutton : The Multi-Course Life of a Very Greedy Boy


Author: Gamble, Ed Published 26/10/2023 |
162 x 244 x 29 | 494g

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‘This book made me laugh and then order an unholy amount of takeaway.’ GREG DAVIES‘One of my favourite comics has now written an annoyingly great book.’ ROMESH RANGANATHAN‘Full of belly laughs and full bellies, this book is warm, honest and wonderfully entertaining.’ TOM KERRIDGE’One of the funniest comedians in the world, Ed is only serious about one thing – dinners.’NISH KUMAR—The hilarious memoir from comedian, Off Menu host and Great British Menu judge, Ed Gamble.

From a young age, Ed Gamble’s immaculate bibs and extremely dirty nappies hinted at his capacious appetite. Before he could walk, Ed already knew that he preferred poached salmon to puree, that celery was a calorie-sapping waste of time, and that mashed potatoes should be made with lashings of butter.

Whilst he might ordinarily have been upset by the calls of ‘precocious little sh*t’ coming from his family, he was too busy stuffing his gob and staging rebellions against the patronising list of misery that is a children’s menu.

In Glutton, Ed shares a relatable buffet of experiences and stories from a life lived through food. From the trials of being a diabetic with a sweet tooth to his teenage battles with obesity, to the joy of cooking and the power of food to bring us together, this is a wonderful, hilarious and heart-warming memoir of a delightful obsession.

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