Granta 88: Mothers


ISBN: 9780903141734 Author: Ian, Jack, Jack, Ian Publisher: GRANTA BOOKS Publication Date: 1st January 2005 Imprint: Granta Magazine Cover: Paperback Pages: 255 Language: English Readership: General - Trade / Code: K Category: Subjects: , ,

Collection & anthologies of various literacy from John MCGahern on his mother’s struggle for health & happiness in Catholic Ireland, Alexander Fuller on bearing a child in Africa, Ryszard Kapuscinski on his memories of the Second World War plus writings from Edmund White, Paul Theroux, Jim Lewis and others.

Edmund White on Delilah Mae White: ‘What made her uncertain were the proper boundaries between children and adults, love and sex, work and play. What bewildered her were her own children.’ John McGahern on Susan McGahern: ‘My mother spoke to me of heaven as concretely and with as much love as she named the wild flowers. It was her prayer and fervent hope that we would all live there together in happiness with God for all eternity.’ Major writers talk about the influence of mothers in this book.

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