Great Britain? : How We Get Our Future Back


Author: Bell, Torsten Published 13/06/2024 | Hardback
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**Thrilling and essential pre-election reading from one of our most influential economists**’Authoritative, forensic and humane – a critical voice for our troubled times’ EMILY MAITLIS’Stellar … a wonderful opportunity for an incoming government’ RORY STEWART‘Required reading for the new intake … this is an incisive, upbeat vision of how a Labour government could turn things around’ Observer ‘A dose of Torstenomics is the only thing that can give us hope’ AMOL RAJANThere are few who are better placed to investigate Britain’s plight than Torsten Bell, former Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation and current Labour candidate for Swansea West.

In Great Britain? he offers both a clear-eyed diagnosis of the problems facing our country – a uniquely toxic combination of huge inequality and stagnant economic growth – and a hopeful, bold vision for the alternative.

This treasure trove of enlightening and original analysis argues that our era of chaos and cynicism needs neither utopianism nor nostalgia, but a practical patriotism to raise living standards and create a more equal country. Torsten Bell passionately points us towards a Britain that we can actually build – a future worth fighting for.

‘Finally – an exciting, positive agenda’ MINOUCHE SHAFIK’Spiced with wit, this is a masterful, fact-packed … prescription for a great social and economic restoration’ POLLY TOYNBEE’Torsten Bell is that rare thing – an economist who can write for non-experts. The country must cherish him’ PETER HENNESSY

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