Holding the Note : Writing On Music


Author: Remnick, David Published 12/10/2023 | Hardback
162 x 242 x 33 | 506g

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ESSAYS ON ARETHA FRANKLIN, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BOB DYLAN, PAUL MCCARTNEY, LEONARD COHEN, BUDDY GUY, MAVIS STAPLES, PATTI SMITHA Financial Times Book of the Year 2023The greatest popular songs, whether it’s Aretha Franklin singing ‘Respect’ or Bob Dylan performing ‘Blind Willie McTell’, have a way of embedding themselves in our memories. You remember a time and a place and a feeling when you hear that song again. In Holding the Note, David Remnick, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor of The New Yorker, writes about the lives and work of some of the greatest musicians, songwriters, and performers of the past fifty years.

He portrays a series of musical lives – Leonard Cohen, Buddy Guy, Mavis Staples, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, and more – and their unique encounters with the passing of that essential element of music: time. These are intimate portraits of some of the greatest creative minds of our time written with a lifetime’s passionate attachment to music that has shaped us all.

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