Holocaust Journey: Travelling In Search Of The Past


Author: Gilbert, Sir Martin Published 29/02/2024 | Paperback / softback
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Includes a new foreword by Rob RinderWhat readers are saying about HOLOCAUST JOURNEY:’Brilliant … A must read for everybody’ ?????’Devastating’ ?????’Fascinating, thought provoking and shocking’ ?????’Everybody should read this’ ?????’Informative and emotional’ ?????In June 1996 Martin Gilbert took a group of students on a two-week journey across middle-Europe which encompassed all the major places in the Holocaust – from Wannsee where the extermination of the Jews was decreed, to the camps themselves, via deserted Jewish communities and synagogues as well as the sites of the ghettos and deportation.

‘The achievement of Gilbert’s HOLOCAUST JOURNEY is to reduce to comprehensible, human terms of the scale of the genocide that to many is still unimaginable’ LITERARY REVIEW’Filled with short, well-informed and often heart-rending accounts of the fate of the Jews’ TLS’HOLOCAUST JOURNEY travels along the tracks of a history we would rather forget to the sites of wartime horror, and is also a moving excavation of the past’ INDEPENDENT

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